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Welcome to Share Your Stories, a new collaborative book project in which you’re invited to partake! Share Your Stories presents an exciting opportunity for you to let your experiences be heard and contribute to an upcoming Redleaf Press book.

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4/2/14 - Given education leadership is hard, how can we find folks who want the job?
J. Glen Hopkins, Bob Lenz and Jill Berkowicz, Ed. D. with Holly Elissa Bruno

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I am writing my 5th book on Second Chances. 

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Holly Elissa and her co-author of Learning from the Bumps in the Road, Luis Hernandez, were interviewed live on the question: When does being nice work against us?

If you would like to hear how they and the co-hosts of Wriggling in the Middle, Dr. Merle Griff and DeLores Pressley, weighed in on the "hegemony of niceness", click HERE


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